The Seaside Town Council is responsible for the management of the administration of the 9 individual street associations which comprise Seaside. This includes maintenance of the Common Areas, enforcement of the Covenants and to carry out other services to benefit the Seaside Homeowners.

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Minutes from November's SARC Meeting have now been posted.  Please see the "Notices" section of this website.


DRAFT Minutes from the November 8th Special Meeting of the Board of Directors has now been posted.  To view these documents, please see the "Town Council" section of the STC and Association Documents.


There will be a SARC meeting on Thursday, November 13th at 2:00 p.m.. This will take place at the Seaside Community Realty office. For more information, please contact 850-231-6111.The agenda for this meeting is posted under the "Notices" section of this website.

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